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Liquor Stores retailMetrix

Analytic platform start-up company
for Liquor Stores

Analytic platform assures your liquor, wine and beer retail store is stocked with the types and brands of spirits customers are looking for, and you can ring them up quickly.


Data-Driven Decsions

retailMetrix provides a comprehensive data analytics platform for grocers that can help track product movement and analyze data from chain operations down to a single location. With the platform, grocers can drill into department, category, or even single product performance to gain insights into customer buying behavior, product trends, and opportunities for growth. 

Data-Driven Decisions

By tracking customer counts, basket size, and sales data, grocers can make informed decisions about inventory, promotions, and pricing to improve overall profitability. retailMetrix also offers customizable reports and marketing campaign tracking to help grocers optimize their marketing efforts and increase customer engagement.


Additional Features

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Empowering retailers to build data-driven cultures.

Happy Customers

We are committed to pushing the boundaries and constantly innovating to provide the best possible product experience to our customers. Our values are centered around people - we care for our colleagues and strive to bring value to others' lives both in and outside of business operations.

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