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Track your data, uncover insights, and generate more net revenue for the modern grocery chain.


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Empower Your Business with Data-Driven Insights

In the ever-evolving retail landscape, set yourself apart by harnessing the true potential of your data. Created by a third-generation retailer, our finely tuned retail analytics platform is your key to unlocking the force behind data-driven growth.

retailMetrix is a fully managed analytics solution

retailMetrix is a full data analytics platform with the mission to help retailers obtain value from their data.

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Data Warehousing and Processing at Any Scale

We provide data warehousing at any scale, integrating all your sales, labor, projection, marketing, and customer data into one easy-to-access place. Our solution enables you to store, process, and query massive amounts of data without breaking a sweat.


Easy to Use Dashboards and Reports

Navigate our user-friendly dashboard and reporting platform, seamlessly designed to help you analyze your sales, customer, and labor data, identify product and category trends, track marketing promotions, and much more. Accessible as an iOS, Android, and web app, the power of your data is always at your fingertips.


Powerful Machine Learning

Accurately forecasts sales down to item level, improving ordering precision. Enhance your merchandising strategies by harnessing the predictive power of product analytics. Predict Customer Lifetime Value and efficiently segment users by crafting tailored promotions that drive results, optimizing your marketing efforts.

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What Our Clients Say About RetailMetrix

User-friendly interface

User-friendly interface, fast platform and easy to use reports. I would like to recommend retail metrix as a data analytics platform for everyone.


Stephen Tslav


I have been using retailMetrix for my…

I have been using RetailMetrix for my retail business in the grocery space chain store for a few months now and I can confidently say that this data analytics platform is absolutely incredible! Not only does it provide me with real-time tracking capabilities to quickly identify any anomalies or irregularities across all stores, but it also offers a comprehensive suite of features that allows me to gain valuable insights into my operations.

David G.


As someone who is passionate about...

As someone who is passionate about researching & consulting within the grocery industry - I can confidently say that Retailmetrix offers one of the most comprehensive data analysis platforms available today! With an emphasis on quality over quantity (in terms of both customer service and datasets), they deliver actionable insights that can be easily integrated into existing strategies or used as a standalone tool for business intelligence or market research applications.

Jesus Mejorado


retailMetrix is the go-to data…

retailMetrix is the go-to data analytics software for grocery stores. The user-friendly interface and wide range of data sources make it a valuable asset for store owners and managers looking to improve performance.

Nick Klund


I only have had good experiences with…

Overall, grocery does not utilize the amount of data it could. Your data reports and monthly emails update our company on actionable items, and seeing how our store operates is vital to our success. Worth the price by far, and I highly recommend it.

John S

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